KLAY EnerSol was founded in 2010 with the aim to identify technologies from global technology leaders and deploying them to our customers in the South East Asia region, in particular Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

We are a fast growing company staffed by dedicated and experienced personnel from the Refining, Petrochemical, Offshore Oil & Gas, Power, Marine and Manufacturing industries. As a company we strive to leverage our in house expertise together with these world leading technologies to solve problems and issues faced by our customers, by providing responsible, sustainable, imaginative and inspired solutions for our customers .

We Provide Local Solutions With Global Expertise

Our current Technology partners are amongst the world leaders in their respective fields:


Therma-Chem (UK) Limited is a Private Company based in Scotland with over 30 years experience of On-Line Fireside Treatment for Boilers and Refinery Process Heaters. Their chemical based technology is designed to work on all types of process furnaces and boilers burning heavy oil, coal, sour gas or even bio fuels to alleviate fireside fouling.


KLAY EnerSol is the exclusive distributor and technical service provider for Therma-Chem in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, The Phillipines and Pakistan.

We have strategic warehousing based out of the Port Klang Free Zone (and smaller sub-distribution facilities in East Malaysia and Indonesia) to ensure timely delivery to our regional customers and ensure very short lead times.



The Insulcon Group is a privately owned, international corporation specialised in high temperature heat management solutions. They supply and develop high temperature (> 1600 °C) and wear resistant products, like hard refractories, fibres, Refrex and Wearflex products . Additionally they provide a range of services such as the Hot Spot Repair , design of low thermal mass lining systems and total furnace seal solutions.

KLAY EnerSol is the exclusive distributor and local service provider for their Refrex, Wearflex and Hot Spot Repair technologies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. We provide full site inspection, design development, fabrication and turnkey installation support for our regional customers.


Aspen Aerogels are a global energy technology company with a range of Hot Aerogel Insulation and Cold Aerogel Insulation. Their industrial insulation products are installed on projects worldwide and are rapidly being adopted by facilities across the full spectrum of industries. Aspen Aerogel insulation are among the world’s lowest thermal-conductive industrial materials available, and are tough, flexible, easy to install and extremely hydrophobic.




KLAY EnerSol maintains stock and executes turnkey projects utilising this cutting edge material for projects in Malaysia and Singapore.


In recent years, we have also added in-house capabilities to offer end-to-end design, engineering, fabrication and installation for the technologies we represent, to ensure we maintain oversight over the quality in the projects we execute. This also includes our capabilities in mechanical fabrication works, including steel plate and steel piping fabrication, and installation.

To date, we have executed a significant number of projects either as a materials supplier or as complete turnkey solution providers. To obtain a reference list of our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We count as our customers some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and we take pride in executing our projects to the highest standards.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.