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Multi Tube Bellow (MTB) Installation

Multi Tube Bellow (MTB) Installation

Multi Tube Bellows are one of our key speciality products fabricated utilising 3M Nextel Fabrics. More information of the MTB can be found at our product page for Multi Tube Bellows.

KLAY EnerSol has undertaken numerous Multi Tube Bellow Installations for our regional customers over the years. The scope of works includes modification of the steel support system which is engineered and fabricated using Stainless Steel or equivalent material. This modification is crucial to ensure a proper affixation of our engineered Multi Tube Bellows onto the existing roof structure. When installed correctly, the MTB allows the tubes of the furnaces to move freely without restriction and yet maintaining a perfect flexible seal, eliminating air ingress into the furnace during operation greatly improving the efficiency of the furnace.

Support angle and Multi Tube Bellow

Prior to installation, the existing insulation materials were removed and the affected area where the steel supports were planning to be installed was cleaned up. Also, an unused anchor from a previous installation was removed.

Existing insulation materials that need to be removed first

After the removal of the existing insulation materials was done, the steel support needed to be welded at the edge of the furnace opening. The Stitch Weld method was applied in order to prevent the steel support from warping.

The new support system constructed from Stainless Steel

Each Multi Tube Bellow is supplied out of two parts which are assembled at the roof opening. For each part, half a section is mounted at the support angle while the other part is fixed at the tube.

Key Benefits

  • The furnace efficiency improved due to significant reduction of cold air ingress
  • The Multi Tube Bellow block radiant heat loss and can withstand temperatures of up to 1370°C
  • Personnel safety enhancement
  • The possibility of reducing the tube damage caused by tube quenching
  • Allow unrestricted movement of the tubes while maintaining complete seals