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Passive Fire Protection Jackets for Risers, Emergency Valves and KO Drums

Installation of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Jackets for Knock-Out Drum, Risers and Emergency Shutdown Valves at FPSO Facility Off-Shore Malaysia

Executive Summary

KLAY EnerSol Sdn. Bhd. (KESB) was awarded the tender for provision, supply and installation of Passive Fire Protection jackets at an FPSO facility off-shore Malaysia. The scope included one large High-pressure Knock-Out drum, 7 Riser Emergency Shut Down Valves (RESDVs) and 7 risers. KLAY EnerSol completed the project ahead of schedule with zero LTI.



  • Site Survey
  • Detailed Design Engineering
  • Fabrication and Supply of Passive Fire Protection Jackets
  • On site modification
  • Installation of Passive Fire Protection Jackets at KO Drum, RESDVs and Risers
  • Scaffolding, dismantling and housekeeping


The client’s technical safety and asset integrity team identified critical equipment at their FPSO facility that required Passive Fire Protection for 60 minutes of jet fire (J60). The Passive Fire Protection jackets were required to protect the assets in the event of any accidental jet fire for up to 60 minutes. This is done to enable a safe shutdown of the platform without compromising the integrity of the critical equipment.

The key challenges included a tight project schedule, limited number of personnel on board allowance and not enough clearance for installation of jackets in certain areas.


How KLAY EnerSol's Expertise Helped?

To meet the tight timeline, KLAY EnerSol utilized a state of the art 3D laser scan of the equipment during the site survey instead of manual measurements. This helped to generate very accurate drawings for the detailed design engineering phase in a fraction of the time and allowed pre-fabrication works of the jackets for site fitting. Deviations from as-built drawings and obstructions were easily detected using this technique. Furthermore, the jackets that were fabricated following these drawings fit very well and required minimal on-site modification.

The large KO Drum was 13.1m long and 4.4m in diameter. It required 203 PFP jacket pieces of various sizes to cover the 223m² surface area of the drum.

An experienced crew was selected for this project which was able to do the on-site mechanical modifications, scaffolding, installing and minor modifications of Passive Fire Protection jackets to enable faster installation, and finishing ahead of schedule.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The project was completed ahead of schedule while maintaining zero LTI. The jacket system was installed with strategic inspection windows which allows the client to carry out routine inspections. The client is now in the evaluation phase to install additional Passive Fire Protection jackets for its other assets that require fireproofing.