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Removable Insulation Covers for Compressor Turbines and Rotating Equipment

Installation of Removable Insulation I-Covers for Compressor Steam Turbines at a Petrochemical Plant in Malaysia

Executive Summary

KLAY EnerSol was awarded the contract to design, fabricate, supply and install insulation jackets for 5 compressor steam turbines. The jackets were to be installed on rotating equipment with some sections prone to occasional oil spraying from the surrounding equipment. The insulation works were required to be completed within the turnaround period and was successfully completed in 13 days.


  • Removal of existing insulation of each compressor turbines
  • Onsite measurement for fabrication drawings
  • Fabrication of removable insulation covers
  • Installation of the new removable I-Cover


The client needed insulation jackets for 5 compressor turbines, but the time was a critical issue where the installation needed to be done during the scheduled shutdown. The other concern was oil spraying from the lubrication system which in the past would soak the insulation in oil leading to potential smoking and fire hazards.

How's the I-Cover Helped?

KLAY EnerSol pre-empted the challenges and pre-fabricated some insulation covers based on equipment drawings. The balance covers were fabricated after site measurements were taken during the shut down. This helped us complete the complete fabrication and installation in the limited window available during the Turnaround.

To protect the insulation from the external oil spray, the areas prone to oil leaks and spraying were covered with an additional layer of stainless steel foil.

The I-Cover was selected to replace the incumbent system as it would make the ongoing maintenance of the equipment much easier due to the ease of removal and reinstatement of the covers. The covers can be reused multiple times leading to long term savings for the owner as well.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The new I-Cover insulation system was installed within 13 days. The I-Cover system is designed to allow easy removal and re-installation that enables easy maintenance of the equipment and multiple re-use of the jackets. This saves the owner a lot of manpower and re-insulation costs over the long term. Furthermore, the inclusion of the SS Foil layer will prevent the insulation from becoming soaked which helps prevent potential smouldering of the oil and in extreme cases fires when the soaked insulation ignites.

All I-Cover systems come with complete engineering drawings and part numbers which allow easy re-ordering of parts if required. The plant is now considering applying this sytem onto the other hot equipment in the plant in the next Turnaround.