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Removable Insulation Covers for Marine Engine Exhaust

Executive Summary and Scope

KLAY EnerSol was asked to design, fabricate and supply a fully removable and re-usable insulation jacket system for 3 sets of Crane engines that were going to be installed in an offshore platform. The jackets needed to fit within the tight confines of the existing engine chamber whilst still providing excellent thermal performance.

Our skilled fabricators carried out measurements onsite and then designed and fabricated a multi-part jacketing system at our factory in Paka, Terengganu. The I-Cover™ system needed to insulate the engine manifold, turbo-charger, internal exhaust and external exhaust ductings (including weather-proof materials). Due to the easy-to-install design of the I-Cover™, the full jacket system was installed within 1.5 hours per engine.

  • Onsite measurement
  • Design and fabrication of removable insulation covers.
  • Installation and parts drawings
  • First installation
Crane Engine Insulation Jacket

Installation of Removable Insulation Covers for Crane Engines at a crane fabrication yard in Malaysia

Cummins Engine before installation of Removable-Insulation-Cover

Cummins Engine before installation of Removable-Insulation-Cover.

How did KLAY EnerSol’s Expertise Help?

KLAY EnerSol’s I-Cover™ removable insulation jacket system was ideally suited for this application. Our team of skilled fabricators went to the yard to measure the dimensions within the engine cabin, designed a multipart, custom-fitted jacketing system that met all the customer requirements and expectations. The easy to install the system was installed within 1.5 hours once delivered. Each part has computer-generated drawings and tags to enable easy replacement part orders if required in the future.

Results, Return on Investment and Future plans

The project was completed within 1 week from the time of measurement till installation, but can be completed in a shorter duration if there is urgency around the request. The actual installation time of the jackets onsite was only 1.5 hours per engine. This helped the fabrication yard expedite the completion of the engine fabrication and delivery as the insulation portion did not take much time at all to complete allowing them to meet their tight client driven timeline.

Cummins Engine before installation of Removable-Insulation-Cover

Cummins Engine after Installation of removable Insulation Jacket I-Cover

I-Cover for Crane Exhaust


The client needed an easy to install and maintain heat insulation system on their Crane Engine systems that were going to be installed on offshore platforms. The engines require periodic maintenance and hence the insulation system needed to be easily removable and by their offshore personnel. Furthermore, due to space limitations within the engine casing, the solution needed to be form fitting to ensure good fit.