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Removable Passive Fire Protection for Offshore Platform

Removable Passive Fire Protection for Offshore Platform


KLAY EnerSol Sdn. Bhd. Installed a Removable PFP Jacket and flexible Aerogel blanket PFP system for an oil offshore platform on the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia over a 14 day period.





  • Detailed Design Engineering of PFP Jacket System
  • Site survey
  • Material supply and fabrication activity
  • Delivery of Passive Fire protection Material/consumables
  • PFP installation
  • Close out documentation

Project Requirements

The client was intending to drill 2 deviated infill wells using jack up rigs with 3 deck extensions to accommodate the 2 slots of 36” conductor installations. Based on a safety review, it was determined that critical piping and equipment needed to be protected against potential Jet Fire during the infill drilling activity.


The client required the design fire load for the PFP system to be rated at J30 (able to withstand a Hydrocarbon Jet Fire for 30 minutes as per ISO 22899-1 and UL 1709 standards). We needed to ensure that the PFP system didn’t affect the performance of the corrosion protection systems below and that it could tolerate the thermal cycling between the design temperature of the equipment and the minimum ambient temperature. Furthermore, pre-site survey was uncertain prior to the installation and therefore the system needed to be pre-fabricated with minimal site details. This meant that the system loaded on board for installation needed to be modified/adapted easily onsite to account for fittings, protrusion and clash-points.

How KLAY EnerSol's Expertise Helped?

Before the installation a site survey was not certain, so KLAY EnerSol designed the system with adjustable PFP jackets so that they could be modified onsite to account for fittings. In some locations, the proposed PFP Jacket thickness of E-13 could not fit on some of the pipes due to clashes, therefore these Flow Lines were protected using Pyrogel XTF (flexible aerogel PFP blanket) instead. This use of pre-fabricated systems along with flexible aerogel blankets allowed the team to completely protect the critical systems while managing the uncertainty of scope with minimum disruption to the schedule.  


The project was completed within the given time limit while maintaining no Lost Time Injury (LTI). The PFP Jacket system was installed along with Pyrogel XTF blankets for a complete system. To find out more about our Passive Fire Protection systems and solutions, please visit our PFP landing page or Contact us.