Cold Insulation using Cryogel® Z

Aspen Aerogel’s Cryogel® Z has the lowest k-value of any cryogenic insulation material in the world, reducing thicknesses by 50% – 75%. Cryogel® Z’s flexible blanket form, with a factory-applied, integral vapor barrier, is both faster to install and more durable once in service, resulting in lower-cost, higher performing designs. This material is exceptional for cryogenic insulation for below-ambient-temperature applications in the oil and gas processing industry (LNG, LPG, ethylene, etc.) and other industrial applications.



  • Delivers maximum thermal protection in the range of -270⁰C to 90⁰C
  • Factory-applied vapour barrier to resist water vapour and moisture from penetrating through the insulation and freeze at cryogenic temperatures
  • Flexible Cryogel® Z blankets are easy to wrap around and insulate practically any equipment
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity reduces heat gain and liquid boil-off
  • Minimal weight and reduces the insulation thickness by 50% – 80% compared to other cryogenic insulation

Physical Properties:

Thickness* 0.20 in (5 mm) 0.40 in (10 mm)
Roll Size* Width: 57 in (1,450 mm)
Length:211 ft (64m) long rolls
Width: 57 in (1,450 mm)
Length:126 ft (38 m) long rolls
Max. Use Temp 194°F (90°C)
Colour White
Density* 8.0 lb/ft3(0.13 g/cc)
Hydrophobic Yes

* Nominal values. Thicknesses measured using a method derived from ASTM C 518 and another proprietary method to provide resolutions an order of magnitude smaller than ASTM C 167


  • Oil and gas processing industries such as LNG, LPG, Ethylene, Ammonia, e.t.c.
  • Liquefied gas industries such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquefied CO2.
  • Ideal for use in sub-ambient and cryogenic piping and equipment, cryogenic storage and transport, industrial gasses, LNG import/export pipelines and process areas, chilled water systems.

Key Benefits :

Cryogel® Z is the material of choice for many of the Industry’s leaders due to its numerous benefits, which include:

    • Long Term Insulation Solution and Asset Protection
      Due to its hydrophobic nature, additional vapor barrier and resistance to wear and tear the insulation lasts long. Moreover, due to it’s ability to minimise corrosion under insulation (CUI), it reduces the requirement and frequency for equipment inspection and maintenance
    • Excellent Thermal Performance
      Extremely low thermal conductivity (k-value) promotes five times better thermal performance compared to other insulation products for improved efficiency and energy savings
    • Reduced Thickness
      Equal thermal resistance with minimal weight and thickness creates more space in and around pipe racks and equipment
    • Quick and Easy Application
      Unique flexible form and wrap application makes installation faster, easier, and less costly
    • Zero Permeability to Water Vapour
      Factory-laminated vapour retarder provides moisture protection, prevents damage from condensation and enhances process control to any insulation system operating at cryogenic temperatures
    • Durable and Impact Resistant
      Soft and flexible but with excellent spring back, Cryogel® Z recovers its thermal performance even after compression impacts as high as 100 psi, making the product durable and resistant to mechanical abuse
    • Shipping and Warehousing Savings
      Material volume savings, minimal site storage, and simplified logistics
    • Environmentally Safe
      Landfill disposable, shot-free, with no respirable fiber content
    • Fire resistant
      Offers excellent resistance to flame spread and smoke emission
    • Cost effective with very fast payback on investments
      Large savings due to long term asset protection and reduction in maintenance costs
    • Eliminates Contraction Joints
      Cryogel® Z insulation has a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of stainless steel, so there is minimal differential movement of the insulation system, eliminating the need for costly and labor intensive expansion/contraction joints


Thickness comparison for equivalent thermal performance:

Cryogel Z thickness in comparison with cellular glass and Pir

Cryogel thickness in comparison with polyurethane