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Metallic Expansion Joint

Introduction to Metallic Expansion Joint

Metallic Expansion Joints consist of prefabricated bellows that absorb thermal expansions and vibrations, hold parts together, allow movements  as well as to compensate misalignments. They consist of one or more metal bellows at both ends. They are differentiated according to the three basic types of movement which are axial, angular and lateral movement. Metallic Expansion Joints are good for withstanding high pressures and a wide variety of temperatures from high to cryogenic. Additionally, it may be used for a variety of thermal movements, has very little upkeep, and is combustion-free.


Applications of Metallic Expansion Joint

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power
  • Steel
  • Chemical and Fertilizer
  • Cement
  • Defence and Railways
  • Water

Features of Metallic Expansion Joint

Metallic Expansion Joint
Able to withstand a wide range of temperature from cryogenic to high temperature (-75ºC to 1200ºC)
Able to withstand high pressures (Up to 60 Bar)
Requires little to no maintenance
Non – Combustible

Design and Installation of Metallic Expansion Joint

There are several parameters required to design an Expansion Joint:

  • Internal Diameter
  • Design Pressure
  • No. of Ply & Thickness of Ply
  • Depth (Height) & Pitch of the Convolution
  • Material of Bellows Element

Types of Expansion Joint

Axial Type Expansion Joint

Simplest form of expansion joints used for axial movement in pipe configurations

Universal Type Expansion Joint

Universal Expansion Bellows consists of two bellows connected by a common connector. It’s able to absorb large amount of lateral deflections and compensate axial and angular movements.

Single Hinge Expansion Joint

Single Hinge Expansion Joint consist a single bellow with a pair of hinges which permits angular deflections in one plane.

Gimbal Type Expansion Joint

Gimbal Type Expansion Joint  consist of two pairs of hinges connected to a common floating ring which allows absorption of angular deflections in any planes.

Elbow Type Pressure Balance Expansion Joint

Elbow Type Pressure Balance expansion Joint are utilized where there are changes of direction in piping systems. This keeps the effective displacement of the assembly NIL by virtue of constant volume maintained during operation.

Inline Pressure Balance Expansion Joint

Inline Pressure Balance expansion Joints absorbs the axial and lateral movement while restraining the pressure thrust.