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Heatshield or Radiant Heat Reflector

Radiant Heat Reflector or known as Heatshield are high-temperature flexible heatshields for surface protection of furnace internals (e.g. process tubes, riser tubes, hangers, and brackets) against too much radiation heat.


Heatshield / Radiant Heat Reflector comes in two different temperature grades :

Heatshield 1400 Fabric for Maximum Temperature of 1,370°C

Heatshield fabrics are woven with threads made with different roving. The roving is assembled on a specified number of Heatshield filaments with a fibre diameter of 10-12 micron.

Properties Of Heatshield 1200 And 1400 Filaments And Textiles

  • Non oxidizing
  • Non hygroscopic
  • Chemically inert
  • Low conductivity
  • Good abrasion resistance

Key Advantages

  • Custom made.
  • Prevents ageing acceleration of tube skin surface and welds of furnace internals.
  • Decreases coke-forming in radiant coils and tubes.
  • Shields sections of process tubes susceptible to hotspots.
  • 60% reflection rate of radiant heat.
  • Shorter lead time.
  • Easy to install.
  • Engineered to last.
  • Removable and reusable.
  • Lightweight

Moreover, the heatshields, tie-cords and sewing yarn are made out of 100% heatshield material, which can withstand up to 1200°C (for Heatshield 1200) and 1370°C (for Heatshield 1400) flue gas temperatures.

All other materials used in the heatshields such as ceramic buttons and insulation materials are also able to withstand these high flue gas temperatures.

Heatshield / Radiant Heat Reflector on Hangers 

Heatshield / Radiant Heat Reflector Applications

  • Process Tubes
  • Riser Tubes
  • Hangers
  • Manifolds

Heatshield / Radiant Heat Reflector are attached with tie-cords, sleeving and ceramic buttons or buttonholes. These accessories make the heatshields easier to removed and reinstalled after inspections.