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Removable Insulation Covers – I-Cover


Removable Insulation Cover (I-Cover) is an effective and easy to install solution for frequently inspected equipment. The removable insulation covers and blankets are waterproof and can be designed to fit standard or complex shapes. They are fabricated by KLAY EnerSol in Malaysia for clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries in South East Asia.

Materials and Fabrication

I-Covers are manufactured by stitching insulation material between high temperature fabrics, additional fasteners are then added to the top fabric for ease of installation and removal. As result, we have removable insulation covers and blankets, which are flexible, durable and tough. They are also known as thermal insulation jackets because of these properties.

I Covers Materials

Types of I-Cover

I-Cover removable insulation covers can be customized as per the clients required. The main types are:

  • I-Cover for Hot Insulation: Standard Removable Insulation for hot surfaces in the range of 150°C - 900°C. These jackets can be customized to be oil proof for applications where oil leaks are a concern.
  • I-Cover for CUI: Insulation Covers for Corrosion Under Insulation are fabricated with hydrophobic Pyrogel® XTE insulation to keep the equipment dry. Suitable for 50°C to 150°C temperature range.
  • I-Cover for Cold Insulation: Insulation Covers for Chilled water systems for condensation control. Suitable for temperature range of 0°C to 50°C.
  • I-Cover with Heating Cable: Insulation covers with built in heating system. These are custom designed for anti-freeze requirement or in applications where the equipment requires heat tracing.

Application and Industries

KLAY EnerSol’s I-Cover is widely used by many industries for their equipment. The equipment it can be used for are:

  • Steam & Gas Turbine Insulation Covers
  • Heat Exchanger & Evaporator Insulation Covers
  • Furnace Tube Insulation Covers
  • Vessel & Reactor Insulation Covers
  • Vacuum Pump, Pump & Compressor Insulation Covers
  • Engine, Exhaust Bellow, Turbo Charger and Manifold Insulation Covers
  • Pipe Insulation Covers
  • Valve & Actuator Insulation Covers
  • Tee, Elbow, Reducer and Other Fittings Insulation Covers
  • Plastic Extruder Barrel Insulation Covers
  • Insulation Covers for Customized Equipment
Insulation Covers Equipments
Insulation Covers Utilities

Key Benefits

Advantages of Removable Insulation Covers

Eliminates the need of disposing used insulation as it can be re-used after inspection and maintenance.

Simple to Install

Doesn’t require skilled insulation contractors, makes mechanical inspection much simpler compared to conventional insulation.

Energy Savings

With I-Cover the equipment is insulated 24/7 and insulation is not damaged over time. This results in high energy savings.


Doesn’t contain any loose fibers that cause irritation during installation or removal. Also doesn’t use any metallic cladding, so there are no sharp metal edges which are a safety hazard and can result in cuts if not handled carefully. Moreover removable insulation cover creates a safe operating environment through uniform insulation at all times.

Cost effective

In the short term, removable insulation covers save costs in terms of disposal, labour and materials when insulation is opened for mechanical inspection and maintenance. In the long term, it protects assets from corrosion under insulation (CUI) through preventive maintenance. I-Cover CUI Series saves additional cost of expensive CUI inspection, which typically requires stripping a large section of piping and using Nondestructive Testing (NDT) to check the thickness of pipes.

Specification Compliance and Performance

KLAY EnerSol’s I-Cover follows several international standards which include

  • ASTM C1695 - Standard Specification for Fabrication of Flexible Removable and Reusable Blanket Insulation for Hot Service.

KLAY EnerSol Offering

KLAY EnerSol offers a complete solution to our clients for removable insulation jackets which includes site survey, design engineering, fabrication, removal of existing insulation and installation of new removable insulation covers.

We also offer manufacturing services to OEM’s to have ready stock of insulation jacket parts for South East Asia Region.

Our facilities are designed to scale up and handle large scale orders for gas turbines, large vessels and reactors. At the same time, we can do bulk manufacturing for the same sizes.

Removable Insulation Jackets Designing

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