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Hot-tek Fired Heater Online Repair Services

Introduction to Hot-tek Online Services for Fired Heaters

IGS’s Hot-tek services in Malaysia facilitate maintenance, inspection and cleaning of the fired heater while it is in operation. Holding multiple patents on the approach, methods, and tools used to carry out these services.

Features of Hot-tek Online Repair Services

In the last four decades, Hot-tek has developed and introduced a wide range of online services (while the heater is operating), targeted at high-temperature production furnaces and heaters. Each project is approached with the utmost safety in mind, ensuring that none of our people or equipment are compromised during the execution of the Hot-tek Services. Evaluation and engineering phases of each Hot-tek project determine the best operational approach and parameters will be set to achieve an optimal outcome with no downtime.

Applications of Hot-tek Online Repair

Hot Tube Stabilization

Hot-tek has developed an on-line repair service to stabilize the process tubes while the heater is still in full operation. The stabilizer can either be supplied by the customer or fabricated by Hot-tek. 

The typical metallurgy of tube supports is HK40 (or similar).  More frequently than not, this material can be difficult to source in a short period of time.  If HK40 is available, it will be utilized; otherwise 310SS is the next best candidate for the stabilizer material.

Hot Tube Stabilization

Failed tube support

Stabilizer inserted in Online Repair

Stabilizer inserted, welded in place

Tube stabilization Process

Tube stabilized

Application Procedure

Utilizing proprietary procedures, Hot-tek will make a penetration in the vicinity of the failed tube support, insert the stabilizer, then weld the stabilizer in place, replacing the refractory and the external steel shell in the repair area.

Hot-tek Online Services Benefits

Benefits of Hot Tube Stabilization:

  • Prevent unplanned shutdown
  • Installation during normal operation
  • No need for continuous monitoring
  • Lasting semi-permanent repair

Case Studies

Case Studies
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