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Online Hot Spot Repair

What are Hot Spots?

Hot spots occur when there is damage to the existing internal insulation such as refractory or ceramic fiber lining on the wall or the ducting of a fired heater system.

Some of the units vulnerable to hot spots includes:

1. Process Furnaces or Heaters:

  • Crude Distillation Furnaces
  • Hydro Treater Furnaces
  • Platformer Furnaces
  • Ethylene Cracking Furnaces
  • Thermal Oil Furnaces/Heaters
  • Crude Charge Heaters
  • Hydrocracker Furnaces
  • Reformer Furnaces
  • Hydrogen Reformers

2. Boilers:

  • Utility Boilers
  • Co-Generation Boilers
  • Coal Fired Boilers
  • Waste Heat Boilers
  • CO Boilers
  • Fluidised Bed Boilers

Fixing Hot Spots Online

Our Hot Spot Repair Service is a trouble-free specialty service which prevents the need for unscheduled and extremely costly shutdowns when hot spots occur.

The conventional way of repairing hot spots requires the system to be shutdown, affecting the plant availability and profitability dramatically. Insulcon B.V.’s Online Hot Spot Repair Service enables the repairs to be carried out whilst allowing the system to remain online (no shutdowns).

Many Successful Hot Spot Repair Jobs

Insulcon B.V. has developed over the last 20 years a suite of tools and techniques to repair damaged furnaces and boiler linings from the external casing of the units. We have more than 95% success rate on the jobs we undertake and adhere to strict personnel and workplace safety standards to perform these activities in a safe and sustainable manner.

KLAY EnerSol works exclusively with Insulcon B.V. for the provision of online hot spot repair services in the South East Asia region, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. We have successfully completed many hot spot repair jobs for major refiners and petrochemical plants in the region and our technical experts are available to consult on the most effective online repair solution for your current situation.

No Shutdown or Slowdown Required

We provide a “first aid” repair of the hot spots with our hot spot repair service, which enables the thermal unit to remain online until the next scheduled maintenance shutdown. The damaged sections can then be repaired or replaced in a planned manner, sometimes even after a number of years.

How Online Hot Spot Repair is Done

Step 1

While the furnace remains operational, holes are drilled in the casing plate

Step 2

Specially formulatedInsulmould® are then injected through the openings
As soon as Insulmould® is injected, the injected areas cools down immediately and eventually repaired.

Step 3

Experienced applicators will assess the repair to ensure the gaps are filled.
The drilled holes are finally closed. Additional anchors are inserted to ensure the repair has additional support in these areas.

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